03 June 2007

The Christ in San Joaquín

This Christ, by Hernán Puelma (1982), is located at the entrance of the Catholic University's San Joaquin campus.
It is very famous, but not because of its artistic value, but for its resemblance with Batman. This is why it is often affectionately referred to as the "BatChrist".

05 February 2007

Chilean denomination

This document is quite interesting. It's located in O'Higgins' tomb and dates from 1818, when Chile was declared an independent country. It states that from that day on, all people shall be called Chilean instead of Spanish. It also states that indigenous races shall not be called "bad races" and the originary population shall also be called Chilean. It's really interesting to read this document and have a glimpse of that time...

02 February 2007

O'Higgins Tomb

This is the crypt of Chile's founding father, Bernardo O'Higgins (1778-1842). It is located below ground in the Plaza de la Ciudadanía (Citizenship Square), just in front of La Moneda Palace. He was Chile's first leader when it became an independent country in 1818.
This is the original marble mausoleum and contains O'Higgins remains. At the base, you can see many document reproductions related to O'Higgins main achievements.
This is a very important historical spot in Santiago, so don't forget to visit this monument.

31 January 2007

The German Fountain

Chile has a very important German colony (German descendants), that date from the middle of the XIXth century, specially south from Santiago in the Xth region.
This monument is the German Fountain, donated by the German colony for Chile's independence centenary (1918). It represents a ship, coming out from the Andes Mountain Range and a condor (one of the animals in the Chilean coat of arms) opening its wings.
Please note the sign that says "Don't drink or bathe, polluted waters"...

30 January 2007

Palacio Danubio Azul

Last night I went to the Danubio Azul restaurant. I love Chinese food and this place is self-promoted as "the best chinese restaurant in town". I think it's true. The place is big, well decorated, service is good and the food (the most important part) is great and very varied.
These chinese warriors are part of the décor, in an internal patio.
If you come to Santiago, this restaurant is a must.

29 January 2007

And she finally caught it

Yesterday, after three days of searching, La Petite Géante finally caught the elusive rhino. She put him in a cage and took it to Valparaiso port, to take him back to Africa.
The people in blue in the picture are the rhino marionette's operators.
The last day of this wonderful show was enjoyed by more than 300.000 people!

28 January 2007

La Petite Géante saves the day

Yesterday I showed you a crowd that was astonished by "something"... Well, that something was La Petite Géante (the Small Giantess), a huge marionette who walks around the city, looking for a rhino that escaped from Africa and is hidden somewhere in Santiago. This rhino is the author of the accident I showed you here.
As you can see, the show was an absolute success!
La Petite Géante is a show by the French street theatre company Royal de Luxe and Santiago is the first city outside Europe to receive such a nice visit.

27 January 2007

The astonished crowd

In yesterday's post, I showed you an accident that supposedly ocurred in Santiago's main street, the Alameda avenue. What kind of event can gather almost 100.000 people in Santiago's Plaza de Armas? They're watching something that is related to the "accident", and guess what... They love it!
Come back tomorrow for the final chapter...

26 January 2007

A huge accident in the Alameda

The Alameda Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins, named after Chile's founding father, is Santiago's main street and is 15 Km long.
Yesterday, the Santiaguinos were astonished by this huge accident, which involved two buses and a taxi. It was quite a scene!

Actually, this accident is a hoax, and tomorrow I will show you the author...

24 January 2007

Los Naranjos courtyard

Do you remember La Moneda Palace? This building is Chile's government center and its construction ended in 1805. Inside, you can see this courtyard, called Los Naranjos (Orange trees), which is named after the orange trees you can see on both sides of the fountain.
This courtyard was created during the government of President Juan Antonio Ríos (1942-1946), when an old building located in its center that served as a Mint (the original purpose of La Moneda) was demolished.

23 January 2007

The Teatro Municipal

Santiago's Teatro Municipal is the city's main Opera House. It opened its doors in 1857, but had to be rebuilt after a fire destroyed it completely in 1870. Here, you can enjoy classical music concerts, ballet and opera. The interior décor is beautiful and I hope I can show it to you soon.

22 January 2007

Paris and London

This is the intersection of Paris and Londres streets in Santiago district. As you can see, the cobblestone street has been preserved, which gives this area quite a classic look in a neighborhood that's beginning to change its face into a much more modern one.

21 January 2007

A walk in Paris

This is Paris street. It's located in the Santiago district and has a very nice and narrow cobblestone street and a beautiful traditional architecture. These houses were built in the 1920s.
One block from here you can be in both Paris and London at the same time; Paris street crosses Londres (London) street.

17 January 2007

Cobblestones in Pedro de Valdivia

This cobblestone street is Pedro de Valdivia Avenue, named after the Spanish conquistador (conqueror) who, between other important things, was the first royal governor of Chile and the founder of Santiago. This street was paved with cobblestones in 1930, along with the construction of houses and the installation of street lights.
Some nice cobblestone-covered streets in old districts in Santiago have been paved over with asphalt. Most people think that these old streets should be preserved, because of their beauty and durability. I'm one of them.

16 January 2007

Santiago Stock Exchange

Today, walking in Downtown Santiago, I passed in front of Santiago Stock Exchange, a nice building located between Bandera and New York Streets.
Built in 1913 by the Chilean-French architect Emilio Jecquier, it's another Renaissance-inspired building in Santiago. Other works by the same architect are the Museum of Fine Arts and the Mapocho Train Station.
The Roman number over the clock (1893), stands for the Santiago Stock Exchange foundation.

15 January 2007

The Falabella Palace, during daylight

Do you remember when I showed you the Falabella Palace and its Christmas decorations?
This is how it looks by day. It has a really nice renaissance-inspired architecture and windows decorated with Florentine style mosaics.
Under the blue and white tents you can find the antiques I told you about on my previous posts.

14 January 2007

The old barber chair

In the antiques and used books fair I told you about yesterday I found this old barber chair. It was in good condition and had three badminton rackets over it. Badminton was just a bit popular in the 80's in Chile, but I haven't seen anyone playing it for years.
Is Badminton more popular in your countries?

13 January 2007

Old shoe molds

Do you remember the Falabella Palace? It houses the Providencia district's Town Hall and until january 28th you can see an antiques and used books fair. This table called my attention. You can see many wooden shoe molds, of the size of children feet! They were tied together and looked odd.

10 January 2007

A young mummy

This mummy is located in the National Museum of Natural History and belongs to a child.
It was found in 1954 at 5.400 meters above sea level, in El Plomo Hill.
This one is actually a reproduction. The real one is stored in a special container to avoid its damage due to light and humidity.

08 January 2007

Show jumping

This weekend, I had the chance to watch a full equestrian competition, that included Jumping and Polo. As I told you before, I love horses and would love to have the skills to practice this sport. The event took place in Quillota, a city located 120 Km northwest from Santiago, where I went for some days for work. Quillota is well known for its plantations of avocados and cherimoyas.

03 January 2007

Be right back

I'm leaving the city for the rest of the week for work. As the empty cross in this work by Nicanor Parra's "Obras Públicas" says, I'll be right back. Do you remember I told you this exhibit was controversial? This work is another reason for that. Chile is a very Catholic country and this kind of work can be quite disturbing for some people.

02 January 2007

New Year by the ocean

For the New Year's celebrations, I went to Valparaiso, a city located west from Santiago, by the Pacific Ocean. The new year's arrival was illuminated by a huge fireworks show 21 Km long that included 3 cities: Valparaiso, Viña del Mar and Con-Con. They used 15 tons of fireworks and they even want to enter this event into the Guinness records, as one of the most extensive fireworks show in the world!

01 January 2007

January's Theme Day

First of all, Happy New Year to all of you!
Today, January 1st 2007, is the City Daily Photo Theme Day. This month's theme is "Best Photo of the Year" and though I've been participating only since August in the City Daily Photo community, it was difficult to make my choice. I decided to show you this one, "Guardian Statues", taken in october in the Cementerio General of Santiago, because I love the expression on their faces.

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30 December 2006

Last shoppings of 2006

Today I visited the Parque Arauco mall, one of the biggest shopping centers in Santiago. It has a nice place called "Boulevard del Parque", where you can find many restaurants, bars, cafes and a cinema. There was a group playing Bossa Nova music that called my attention (at the center, in this "find Wally" picture)

29 December 2006

Long weekend ahead

First of all, Don't try this at home! Never attempt to drive in a highway and take pictures at the same time!
Today is a special day. The last working week of 2006 is over and a long weekend is coming.
I hope you enjoy these leisure days and begin preparing for the celebrations!
I took this picture in the Constanera Norte, a relatively new highway (inaugurated in April 2005) that connects the eastern and western parts of Santiago. A good part of it is underground.

27 December 2006

Human Misery

I found this beautiful marble sculpture in the National Museum of Fine Arts. I couldn't avoid to capture it in a picture (although guards where not very happy...). It's called "La Miseria" (The Misery, 1910), by Ernesto Concha and really captures the feeling of neglect, abandonment and cold. The way the mother tries to protect her daughter is overwhelming.

26 December 2006

Street orchestra

I found this mini-orchestra in Paseo Estado, a pedestrianised street where you can find many interesting people, like street vendors, shoe-polishers and people who try to earn some money through music, like this group. They where playing classical music and where quite good actually.

25 December 2006

Merry Christmas!

Today is Christmas Day and I want to wish you all very happy holidays from this long, thin and beautiful country called Chile. I hope you had a very nice Christmas eve and enjoyed this non-working day... ;)
To complete yesterday's post, a picture of Santiago's Metropolitan Cathedral's nave.

24 December 2006

Waiting for Christmas day

I found this nativity scene in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago. This Cathedral is our main church and is located in Santiago's Plaza de Armas (downtown main square). It's very nicely decorated and its construction began in 1745. An intersting fact is that this is actually the fifth church in the same spot and the third Cathedral (the two previous ones were destroyed by earthquakes)

Happy Holidays to all of you!

23 December 2006

The Coke side of Christmas

As usual, Coke is a very omnipresent brand on Christmas, with many events during holidays. I didn't notice the first time I showed you this Christmas tree, but it seems that Coca-Cola is sponsoring it. There were some children asking this Viejito Pascuero (Santa Claus in Chile) the presents they want for Christmas. Sorry I couldn't take a better picture of Santa's assistant... LOL!