05 February 2007

Chilean denomination

This document is quite interesting. It's located in O'Higgins' tomb and dates from 1818, when Chile was declared an independent country. It states that from that day on, all people shall be called Chilean instead of Spanish. It also states that indigenous races shall not be called "bad races" and the originary population shall also be called Chilean. It's really interesting to read this document and have a glimpse of that time...

02 February 2007

O'Higgins Tomb

This is the crypt of Chile's founding father, Bernardo O'Higgins (1778-1842). It is located below ground in the Plaza de la Ciudadanía (Citizenship Square), just in front of La Moneda Palace. He was Chile's first leader when it became an independent country in 1818.
This is the original marble mausoleum and contains O'Higgins remains. At the base, you can see many document reproductions related to O'Higgins main achievements.
This is a very important historical spot in Santiago, so don't forget to visit this monument.