17 October 2006

A place to relax

This is the "Parque de las Esculturas" (Sculptures Park), a very nice park located alongside the Mapocho river. What makes this a special park is that it has 17 sculptures made by chilean artists, mainly with cement and steel. In the picture you can see "Verde y Viento" (Green and Wind), a work that simulates a huge handful of grass. Pity it's a little rusted.
You can find more info about the park and its sculptures here.


Blogger Olivier said...

Les sculptures sont surprenantes, cette exposition me fait penser a l'expo 'Human Size' au Jardin du Luxembourg. C'est tres agreable les parcs avec des sculptures.

10/18/2006 12:46 AM  
Blogger Meg Nakagawa said...

Looks a bit like skinny giant asparagus!

10/19/2006 2:46 AM  

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